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The main objective of this lab is to improve the quality of life by :

  • Defining how cardiovascular conditions and aging affect the regulation of cerebral circulation, and determining how these alterations impact the function of the brain;

  • Identifying pharmacological and non pharmacological approaches to prevent vascular dementia and Alzheimer disease;

  • Understanding how cells of the neurovascular unit communicate between themselves in order to ensure a global approach that considers brain homeostasis as a fundamental point to maintain brain’s health.



Hélène Girouard, PhD

Full Professor


2002:  PhD, cardiovascular physiology, Université de Montréal under the supervision of Dr. J. de Champlain, a specialist in the field of hypertension.

2003-2006 :  fellowship on the study of cerebrovascular regulation, Weill Medical College, Cornell University under the supervision of Dr. C. Iadecola.

2006-2008:  fellowship on the study of cerebrovascular regulation, Vermont University under the supervision of Dr. Mark T Nelson.

Awards and Honors as an Independent Investigator

2022: A FRQ-S fellowship of merit.


2016: Jacques de Champlain FRSQ-SQHA excellence award

2015: Fellow of the American Heart Association (in recognition of professionnal and scientific achievements as well as leadership and involvement in the cardiovascular field).

2014: Merck New Investigator price.

2013: Merck, New Investigator price of the SQHA.

2012: Young Investigator Award of the Heart and Stroke fundation of Canada.

2008: Hottest topic,  Brain Energy Metabolism & Blood Flow Conference (Gordon Conference).

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