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The Personnal


Research Assistant: Does arterial stiffness exacerbate cerebrovascular and memory deficits in Alzheimer’s disease?

January 2023 - present


Research Assistant: DISCoVER project
Determining Infection Severity of CoV-2 in Elderly Residents 

September 2021 - present

Javier Marín Prida


Research Assistant

February 2011 - present

Post-Doctorate Students


Involvement of microglia in the regulation of neurovascular coupling in a healthy and hypertensive organism.

January 2022 - present

Benjamin Le Gac

 PhD Students


Cerebrovascular inflammation contributes to the effects of angiotensin II on neurovascular coupling

September 2018 - present

 Master Students

Joe Germanos_m2.jpg

Development of therapeutic approaches to protect the brain from arterial stiffness.

January 2023 - present


rosanne Trépanier_m.jpg

Characterization of microglia in arterial hypertension

January 2023 - present

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